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Social Work Expert Witness

Specializing in


*DISASTROUS: "Calamitous; having seriously damaging results. Completely unsuccessful -performed in an incompetent or awkward way." (Bing).

"Causing great distress or injury; ruinous, very unfortunate, attended by or causing suffering or disaster."(Merriam-Webster's)

Multiple individuals and agencies, intense emotions, and a vulnerable client can make working in CHILD WELFARE a minefield for social workers.

Mental Health clinicians across children's services - in outpatient psychiatric settings, hospitals, schools and especially in state child protection agencies - work in complex, challenging situations.

"Aside from war, child welfare social workers see the worst of what people can do to each other, on a daily basis." - Andrew Turnell.

Beth Wechsler, MSW is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts who has specialized in children's services for forty- two years. She has served as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense in FL, MA, MO and MI.